Join us as we embark on a new adventure!

Welcome back, friends, to a reimagining of our adventure!

Join us as we relaunch The Glove once again and show you how much more immersive the adventures of Tim can be.

For this week, we are releasing Issue 1 with all new features, starting with background music, voice and sound effects.

How do these features work?

The Glove background music First, for the background music and atmospheric effects, click on the Music icon on the left and right hand side of the comic. The music will continue to play as you read through the page.

Next for the voice and sound effects, simply click on the dialogue windows, thought bubbles and onomatopoeia, and the characters will come alive, the effect intended for that visual will play.

The Glove Voice and Sound Effects

This is a huge step for us moving forward. We’ll continue to rerelease the other issues as the months progress.

For now, we hope you enjoy coming back to the world of The Glove and experiencing Tim’s adventures once again.

We hope you enjoy the ride, and see you next issue!