Allow us to introduce to you…

He has a good heart, always willing to take risks for friends and family, but he turn to crime to support his family. Even though he tries to remain calm and collective, he has a short fuse especially when he has to do something morally wrong. This results in him having a lot of bottled up anger, waiting to explode. He desires to be a knight like his father but reality made him give up on this dream.

He has always lived in the life of crime and knows nothing else. He still happens to be incompetent at a lot of things but is a amazing shot and a good driver. Despite all of his corruption, he is just trying to do what’s best for himself and for his friends… It just might not be in the most moral of ways

She is almost as skilled as Ladon when it comes to stealth but she enjoys having too much fun to train passed him. This doesn’t stop her from being grounded, she’s all too aware of how cruel life can be. She is like a older sister to Ladon and the two are willing to do anything for each other.

A caring mother who understands that the world is not always fair. She is wise and realistic. Even before her husband became a knight, she has dealt with all kinds of dangers.

The happy-go-lucky little sister who enjoys having fun. The family’s heart of gold in her has not yet collided with the cruelty of the real world, even after being forced into poverty after the death of their father.

The top crime lord of the capital that is always in control. He knows it too because he manipulated, stole, killed and worse with no regrets. He only craves more power and riches with no intentions of stopping.