Ladon just wants to be a knight, but was forced to turn to a life of crime to support his family. His skills are unmatched when it comes to stealth… More specifically, thievery, but after one decision, he takes on the path of becoming the prophesied Criminal King. Can he clear his name, convince everyone that he is not the infamous Criminal King, or will he fulfill the prophecy?

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Paul C.A Graham

THE creator

I do many things. Creating ideas, doing the writing for them, and even game design. I have always gotten lost in my imagination, and I strive to create something that is no longer trapped in my mind. It doesn’t help that my learning disabilities make it more challenging, but I have a fantastic team to help me. I like to pretend that I put interesting philosophies into my ideas, but only you can be the judge that. What’s important is that I try. I also try to get my inspiration from everything although video games hold a special way of inspiring me the most. My favorite comic book series/story in general of all time is Zot! for many reasons. You can tell that the author, Scott McCloud, tried so hard to make something from his heart, and if you ask me, he succeeded. I hope I can be a similar writer, and let my readers walk away with a meaningful, or perhaps, a mind blowing experience at the end of it all. Hopefully, this gives you an idea of who I am.